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Heavy Duty trailing discs
TINY XL is the next step up from the TINY series. It takes weight, size and depth of working to the next level with its 42" discs. Its "TINY EXTRA LARGE"

TINY is the machine for heavy duty cultivation. There are 3 key model variants with the TINY230, TINY290 and TINY390 all fixed frame machines with swinging gangs that fold to 3.5mtrs

Field Master
MACHINE OF THE YEAR AWARD WINNER!!!!! Fully hydraulic gang, lift and pitch adjustment. It can go from a narrow 2.5mtr (8ft) transport width to working position in seconds.

Field Boss (Fixed Frame)
Robust heavy duty plough for uneven and undulating ground. Now also available with manual swing around gangs for narrow transport.

Field Boss (Folding Wing)
Robust heavy duty plough for uneven and undulating ground. Sizes to suit everything from small farms to broad acre operations.

Swinger / Swinger Rowcropper
A robust fixed frame machine with gangs that swing around for transport. Ideal for a broad range of applications including irrigation work, new country as well as lighter workings in dryland cropping applications.

The Offset
The Offset is now available for operators who specifically want a traditional offset and want Grizzly's legendary reliability and performance that goes with it.

Heavy / Rowcropper
The "Heavy" model has been designed specifically for conditions where maximum weight per disc, strength, simplicity of design and disc size are of major importance and where folding is not a requirement.

The Coaster
Large size, durable construction and reliable penetration makes the East Coaster the premium machine for heavy-duty, large scale cultivation. *WINNER - Machine of the year. Orange Field Days 2000*

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